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Know Your Rights As A Repeat DUI Offender in Pittsburgh

Since 2003, when Pennsylvania enacted Act 24, there has been a multi-tiered system in place for determining whether a driver is DUI or DWI. Act 24 lowered the legal blood alcohol content limit to 0.08%. In addition, court mandated alcohol treatment programs were added to the penalty programs for offenders. Blood Alcohol Guidelines In Pennsylvania […]

Felony Drug Charges in PA? What You Need to Know

In Pennsylvania, there are several different felonies related to drug crimes. They are defined as the following: Possession with intent to deliver: This charge implies that the authorities uncovered or discovered a stash of drugs so large that there is implied intent to distribute or sell those drugs. Delivery of a controlled substance: This charge implies that […]

Drug Crime Conspiracy Charges

What Is A Drug Conspiracy Charge? The law defines a criminal conspiracy as an explicit agreement between two or more people to engage in and commit criminal activity or crime(s). Typically, anyone who is charged with conspiring to commit a drug related crime will receive a punishment tantamount to the punishment required if the crime […]

IRS Investigators Watch Reality TV Too

The Reality of Federal Fraud Charges Federal fraud charges are some of the most serious allegations that can be leveled against an individual or group of individuals. Being found guilty of committing or of conspiracy to commit any of the following charges can lead to severe criminal penalties including jail time, fines and orders of […]

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