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East Liberty Neighborhood Resource Page

East Liberty is one of Pittsburgh’s rehabilitated neighborhoods. Located in the city’s East End, East Liberty is bordered by Highland Park, Morningside, Stanton Heights, Garfield, Shadyside, and Larimer.

Described as “edgy, urban and metropolitan chic,” East Liberty is undergoing monumental redevelopment. In 2009, Google offices were built in the neighborhood. New restaurants, rehabbed historic buildings, and new hotels are currently on the horizon for East Liberty. has even given the neighborhood an A for economic and ethnic diversity.

The neighborhood’s most notable feature is East Liberty Presbyterian Church, which is an area landmark. Now called Cathedral of Hope, the church is known for its cultural diversity and striving to welcome all people of different races, genders, classes, and sexual identity. The church offers ministry classes, musical theater workshops, ballet classes, and childcare.

East Liberty’s Timeline

  • 1819: Jacob Negley, the son of a farmer, develops a village and names it East Liberty.
  • 1840s-1860s: East Liberty develops as a commercial area and then becomes a thriving commercial center.
  • Great Depression era: East Liberty experiences hardships as industrial barons move away and mansions become divided into apartments or are demolished.
  • 1945 (after WWII): City residents move to the suburbs because of the automobile industry, making it quicker to commute, so large city corporations lose revenue and profit.
  • Late 1950s: Business leaders develop a plan for East Liberty to become a popular commercial destination.
  • Early 1960s: Some residents move to the suburbs and suburban development grows. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) proposes an outdoor pedestrian mall, new street plan, and apartment complexes to drive growth.
  • 1979-1980s: East Liberty invests in property rehabilitation efforts
  • 2010: The neighborhood again becomes a commercial and market center.
  • 2014: USA Today names East Liberty “one of the best up and coming neighborhoods around the USA.”


How Safe Is East Liberty?

Even though East Liberty has come a long way in terms of renovation and rehabilitation, safety is still a primary concern. Our created an interactive search tool that helps users determine how safe Pittsburgh neighborhoods are. Using the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s crime reports from 2012 through 2015, we graded East Liberty’s safety compared to the other 88 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. You can read about how we weighed the specific crimes and assigned letter grades here.

According to crime data reports from, the most frequent crimes in the past year in East Liberty are theft, assault, and robbery.

Chamber of Commerce and Neighborhood Associations

  • East Liberty Chamber of Commerce: The chamber’s website not only lists all businesses in East Liberty, but regularly updates its news and events sections. Visit this site for child care, churches, homeless assistance, senior care, and more.
  • East Liberty Development, Inc.: ELDI is a 501(c)3 community development organization with a goal of making positive change in East Liberty through revitalization.
  • Enright Park Neighborhood Association: The EPNA is comprised of homeowners, renters, landlords, and public housing residents who live in close proximity to Enrightlet Park in East Liberty.

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