Former Prosecutors Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights

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Former Prosecutors Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights

All three of our criminal defense lawyers at DRK Attorneys are former assistant district attorneys. In addition to this common background, we also share a common belief: individuals charged with crimes deserve respectful, thoughtful and dedicated defense at all times. It is this belief and a combined passion to do what’s right that drives us every day.

The Benefits of Working With Former Prosecutors

There are numerous benefits you can receive by working with one of our former prosecutors. Here are just a few:

  • We have been part of hundreds of trials. We have prosecuted hundreds of jury and non-jury trials in  state and federal courts. We learned by doing, and we learned it well. As successful prosecutors, we  honed our skills in the courtroom, learning the tricks of the trade. Thanks to this experience, we never  hesitate to take a case as far as necessary in search of the results our clients deserve.
  • We know the criminal justice system. Having a former prosecutor as your criminal defense lawyer  means you get the benefit of working closely with someone who truly understands all aspects of the  criminal justice system. It also means you will be working with someone who knows the judges and  other players involved. These relationships can help us in preparing your case for trial.
  • We can anticipate what the prosecution will do. As former prosecutors, we fully understand what a  prosecutor must prove to succeed in its case against you. We know what steps the prosecution must  take and which processes the prosecution must follow to ensure compliance with state and federal  requirements. This means we can anticipate what they will do at each stage of the process, enabling  us to make proper moves and countermoves to build the strongest defense possible.
  • We know how to find holes in the prosecution’s case. Not only can we anticipate what the prosecution  will do, but we can also identify when the prosecution has missed a vital step. We can identify when  the prosecution hasn’t met its burden and can work to create arguments to highlight any missteps on  their end.

We invite you to learn more about our criminal justice advocates and their backgrounds:

Our Goal: To Get Your Charges Dismissed

We believe the best result possible in any case is to have the court dismiss the criminal charges against you. During our trial preparation, we will pursue every avenue possible, including those involving rules of evidence or rules of procedure, to seek that result. When dismissal is not an option, we will aggressively defend you at all stages of the trial process. You can rest easily, knowing that you will always have an advocate beside you, believing in your innocence and working hard to convince the judge or jury of the same.

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Mr. Ricciuti handled three different cases for my daughter. The outcome in each was much better than expected. Charges were withdrawn and now can be expunged. He was definitely a part of getting my daughter’s life back in order. - Jim, a criminal defense client 

A friend recommended Mr. Konieczka when my nephew was arrested. He had priors and was looking at jail time but Mr. Konieczka was our hero... he got the charges reduced. He was truthful and forthcoming with us throughout. If we had it to do over, we would hire him in a heartbeat! –Kathy, aunt of a client 

After dealing with Mr. DeLuca and his firm, I can say that I have never dealt with anyone more professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and trustworthy. They are by far the most understanding group of guys out there. - Aaron, a DUI client  

Call a Lawyer Who Truly Believes in “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

Every client we take on receives the same respect and dignity that everyone else in our lives receives. So when you’re ready to work with a criminal defense lawyer who will stand by you and stand up for you, call on our legal team. We are available to represent clients located throughout western Pennsylvania from our central location in Pittsburgh. To learn more or to schedule your free initial consultation, call us today at 855-976-2198 or contact our former prosecutors online.