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DeLuca, R. Anthony

Attorney R. Anthony DeLuca

Attorney R. Anthony DeLuca has been working in the field of criminal justice since 1997. While he handles all variety of criminal defense cases, Mr. DeLuca focuses on helping clients facing charges involving DUI, involuntary manslaughter and white collar crimes such as embezzlement.

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Konieczka, Dan

Attorney Daniel J. Konieczka, Jr.

Since 1986, attorney Daniel J. Konieczka, Jr. has focused his career on representing parties involved in Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system. He knows that the depth and breadth of his experience provide him with the ability to make the best arguments for his clients in an effort to eliminate or minimize any potential legal consequences.

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Ricciuti, Randall

Attorney Randall T. Ricciuti

Prior to joining DRK Lawyers, attorney Randall T. Ricciuti worked as a prosecutor with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office. From 1996 to 2008, he spent a great deal of his time handling cases involving wire tapes, interceptions, insurance fraud and grand jury indictments. He also gained considerable experience in an array of other matters, including white collar crimes, drug cases, homicides, embezzlement schemes, and DUIs.

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