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RICO and Racketeering Charges

What is racketeering? Essentially, it involves participating in organized crime, through a crime syndicate. Bribery, extortion, loan sharking, obstruction of justice, money laundering, and similar crimes are generally part of the list when someone is facing these charges. If that someone facing charges is you, it is vital that you seek out good representation from an attorney who understands how these kinds of charges work and is comfortable working with Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) defense.

The right representation can make all the difference when you have been accused of such a serious crime. There are significant penalties for organized crimes, and these can vary depending on the specific nature of the crime. Where and how the crime was allegedly committed, and whether it represented part of an ongoing pattern of criminal activity will also matter when it comes to the severity of the charges, and the penalty that is sought in your particular case.

At DRK Lawyers, we know that being accused does not mean being guilty. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we take that to heart in the way we treat our clients as they move through the legal system. If you are facing charges related to organized crime and are anywhere in Pittsburgh or western Pennsylvania, we want to hear from you about helping you with your case. Do not give up just because of an accusation. While serious, it is not the same as a conviction, and there is plenty of time to fight against the charges.

RICO Investigations

Many racketeering investigations are carried out and determined to be unfounded. With that being the case, there are many people who are accused and then see their charges dropped due to lack of evidence against them, or for other reasons. You could be one of those people, but you want to make sure you have the right attorney on your side. Even if you are an innocent victim, you need the proper defense and information to present yourself to the court and prove that innocence. That is how charges get dropped or greatly reduced.

The first thing you will want to do if you find yourself in the middle of an investigation centered around these types of charges is take action by hiring a good defense attorney. That gives you the opportunity to have someone on your side, and to fight back the right way. Whether or not you played any role at all in the event that lead to the charges, your attorney can examine the evidence and determine a course of action. That can result in exoneration, or a lesser plea that will have significantly better consequences for your future. Our defense team is based in Pittsburgh and standing by to help you with these charges.

RICO and Racketeering Attorneys

We understand that a conviction for any type of organized crime can be highly damaging to you, both personally and professionally. Job loss, difficulty finding other employment, and personal issues can all stem from this type of conviction. We know because we worked on the other side of the courtroom for a long time, as prosecutors. We also know prosecutors can be ruthless with their cases.

That knowledge and experience has helped us, and will help clients just like you, because we know the attacks the prosecutors will use in your case. By showing you in the right light, we set a goal of getting your charges dismissed. In cases where that is not possible, we will work toward a reduction in charges, giving you the best possible outcome.