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Pittsburgh Real Estate Fraud Defense Attorneys

Fraud in the real estate industry is a very serious crime, for which there are significant penalties. Prison time, and even millions of dollars in restitution can be part of the punishment when a person is convicted of this crime. How severe the penalty is generally depends on how severe the offense was, as some types of real estate fraud are one time issues, and other types are ongoing problems that would have continued had they not been noticed. If you find that you are facing charges for this type of fraud in Pittsburgh, your first goal should be to find good representation. You need an attorney who understands the real estate fraud definition and has previously worked with similar cases, in order to focus on reducing, or even eliminating, the charges that have been filed against you.
DRK Lawyers in Pittsburgh understands that all clients deserve dignity and respect, regardless of the charges against them. Just because a person is accused of a crime does not mean they are guilty of that crime. Unfortunately, many people who stand accused of significant crimes receive poor treatment and a lack of respect as they move through the criminal justice system—especially, on a federal level. The concept of innocent until proven guilty is still important at DRK Lawyers, and we will be using that concept to zealously and thoroughly represent your interests during your legal trials. Whether you are in Pittsburgh, or anywhere else in western Pennsylvania, if you need a fraud attorney for real estate, we are waiting to hear from you. Fraud charges are very serious, but giving up is not the way to handle the problem. You need a proper legal defense, which could help you get the charged reduced, or even see them dropped entirely.

We Will be Your Advocates in Your Pittsburgh Fraud Case

The statistics for conviction in fraud cases that relate to real estate can be upsetting to anyone who has been accused of this crime, as they show rates of incarceration higher than 70 percent. That is all the more reason to have the right Pittsburgh real estate fraud attorney on your side. The IRS provides information about investigations into this type of fraud, and even case studies on the issues detailing what was done by the accused, and how his or her trial ended. While there are people who commit fraud, it is also possible for innocent people to be accused of crimes like this even when they have done nothing wrong. We will work tirelessly to get to the bottom of your case.
Nearly anyone in the real estate world can find themselves part of an investigation into fraud. If that should happen to you, you’ll want to make sure your defense attorney is a good one. That will improve your chances from the very beginning. Any role that you may have played can be studied by your attorney, so a defense can be created. This could lead to exoneration, or to a plea to lesser charges, where the consequences will be less severe. Protecting your future, finances, and freedom all matter, and our Pittsburgh-based attorneys are ready to help you with every aspect of your fraud charges.

Former Prosecutors Will Work Hard on Your Case

A conviction for fraud could be highly damaging for a mortgage broker, real estate agent, or anyone who works in a professional capacity. Even if you are not in the real estate business, convictions of this nature are serious and problematic, and can stay with you for a lifetime. It could end a career, and make it difficult to get another one started. We used to work as prosecutors, and know they can be ruthless. Working for you, we will focus on getting you an outcome that is the best possible option in your specific case.