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Pittsburgh Mail and Wire Fraud Attorneys

mail-fraud Mail fraud involves using the United States mail system to defraud other people of goods or services, and wire fraud is the same type of situation but can use television, radio, and other methods. These both carry serious penalties that are dependent on certain circumstances in each case, such as whether there was a pattern of defrauding a class of people or the general public, as opposed to a specific person, and whether the conduct was ongoing in nature. How severe the penalty for fraud of the mail system or wire fraud is for an individual will depend on the behaviors involved, and what can be proven about the person’s actions, goals, and intent. If you are facing these types of charges, you need to consult fraud defense attorneys who can help you make your case.

At DeLuca, Ricciuti & Konieczka, we know the seriousness of a mail or wire fraud accusation, and we also understand that everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty. We will respect you and treat you with the dignity that every person deserves, and help you navigate the federal criminal justice system to give you the best outcome for your case. We are committed to giving you strong and complete representation, no matter how long your legal trials continue. Throughout Pittsburgh and all of western Pennsylvania, we serve clients who have been accused of mail fraud or wire fraud. It is a serious accusation and one that can leave you feeling lost, but giving up is not on option. Our mail fraud defense attorneys are here to help, and will focus on the reduction of elimination of the charges against you.

Mail & Wire Fraud Penalties

The penalties for mail fraud or wire fraud can include fines up to $1 million and prison terms of up to 30 years. These are clearly very serious, and not anything to be taken lightly. Since just about anyone can find themselves in this type of investigation, we want to make sure you have the best defense for your legal problems right from the start. The role you may have played can be looked over carefully, and a defense can be created for you that will potentially reduce or eliminate any charges that have been filed against you. Being cleared is the best outcome, but even a lesser plea can be very helpful when you are facing significant jail time and large fines, which may bankrupt you or take years to pay back. Our defense team is Pittsburgh and standing by to help you get started on a proper legal defense for your mail or wire fraud charges.

A Former Prosecutor Will Come to Your Defense

A conviction for mail or wire fraud would be highly damaging, and could affect your life and livelihood for a number of years. If you work in a professional capacity or people in your community or your profession consider you to be well-known, a conviction could be something from which you would never really recover. With that in mind, your career could end and your personal life could be decimated. How do we know all this? Because our defense team used to be prosecutors, and we know the ruthlessness that many prosecutors use to make their case against the accused.

Since we have experience on the other side, we know how to make arguments against the prosecution that provides you with an advantage in your defense. We can paint you in the best light to receive the best possible outcome for your case.
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