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Pittsburgh Mortgage Fraud Attorneys

Mortgage fraud is a federal crime. This means a conviction for such fraud carries with it hefty penalties, including fines up to $1 million, prison terms up to 30 years, and restitution payments to any injured parties. So if you are facing charges for this offense, you would benefit greatly from seeking out dedicated, aggressive criminal defense representation.

At DRK Lawyers, we are committed to providing our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve (and rarely receive otherwise) while involved in the federal criminal justice system. We absolutely believe in “innocent until proven guilty” and will represent you zealously at all times. We offer these knowledgeable services to clients located in Pittsburgh and anywhere within western Pennsylvania.

Mortgage Fraud Defense

Any individual who takes part in the mortgage loan process can find himself or herself on the wrong end of a mortgage fraud claim. This includes appraisers, mortgage brokers, sellers, buyers, credit agencies and real estate agents. Regardless of what role you play, you must protect your future, your freedom, and your financial health. Turn to our Pittsburgh-based defense law firm for help fighting your charges for:

  • Falsely representing facts on a mortgage loan application
  • Falsifying loan documentation
  • Accepting a kickback from the seller
  • Artificially inflating the value of a home
  • Using some else’s identity to get a mortgage

Mortgage Fraud Penalties

We know how damaging a conviction for mortgage fraud is for professionals, as it can mean the end of your current career, the inability to get a job in the future, and an insurmountable hurdle for your family to ever overcome. How do we know this? We used to stand on the other side of the courtroom aisle, representing the government in white collar crime cases such as these. We know the hard line the prosecution draws.

We also know exactly what it takes to attack a prosecution’s argument in a mortgage fraud case. For instance, one key element the prosecution must prove is that you knowingly committed the fraudulent act. Proving “knowingly” is not easy. And we will do our best to make it even harder.

We will do everything within our resources to make sure that we craft a defense that will paint you in the best light possible so we can get our preferred outcome – dismissal. When that is not an option, we will pursue whichever avenues possible to limit the consequences of the charges.

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