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Pittsburgh Social Security Fraud Attorneys

Fraudulent use of the social security system is a very serious crime that comes with steep penalties including the repayment of benefits, along with fines for providing misleading information that led to the providing of those benefits. It takes important benefits and gives them to someone who did not earn them, which can lead to the need for restitution and punishment. How severe the penalty is in a specific case is generally based on how severe the offense is, and whether it was something ongoing, or an event that occurred only one time. If you find that you are facing charges for social security fraud, or another type of related fraud, you will want to find an attorney in Pittsburgh who is familiar with fraud penalties to help you get the best outcome for your case.

At DRK Lawyers in Pittsburgh, we know that each and every client is innocent until proven guilty, and that they deserve just as much respect and dignity as anyone else. Accused of a crime does not mean guilty of that crime, and we will give you the respect and fair treatment that may be hard to find in other places throughout the criminal justice system. We will also represent you zealously, until there is a resolution to your case. If you are in the Pittsburgh area or anywhere else in western Pennsylvania, we want to hear from you regarding your fraud case.

Social Security Fraud Charges in Pittsburgh

Because you can be fined, imprisoned, or both if you are found guilty of fraud in the social security system, you need to have a Pittsburgh attorney on your side right from the beginning. Having an attorney can keep you from feeling alone as you move through your case, and can help protect your interests. Being a victim is stressful, and if you have been accused of social security fraud or a related crime, our goal is to get to the bottom of the issue, so your case can be resolved.

With the severity of social security fraud penalties, it’s vital that you take the investigation seriously. A good defense attorney is a start. When we work for you, we can examine any role you may have played, and work toward getting you exonerated or having the charges reduced to those that will carry much less significant consequences. Protecting your future and your freedom is important to our team of Pittsburgh defense attorneys.

Social Security Fraud Convictions

A conviction for fraud of social security benefits can be extremely damaging, especially when you want to qualify for benefits later, or if you become unable to work and apply for social security. Problems with a fraud conviction can harm you professionally, and can also cause disruptions in your personal life. It could even end your career, but because we were once prosecutors, we know how ruthless a prosecuting attorney can be.

We also know what kinds of attacks the prosecutor will use against you, and we can refute those. We’ve been on the other side of the courtroom aisle, so we have an advantage that you are simply not going to find with other defense attorneys. That level of experience can help us get you the best possible resolution to your particular case. The goal is to get your charges dismissed by painting you in the best light possible. If that proves to not be possible, we will work for a reduction in charges, to give you the best available outcome.