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Pittsburgh Credit Card Fraud Attorneys

credit card fraud Credit card fraud is a federal fraud crime. A conviction for this type of fraud carries significant penalties, which can include fines up to $10,000 and prison terms up to 10 years. The severity of the penalty will generally be based on the severity of the offense, including whether it was a one-time event or an ongoing pattern of behavior. If you find yourself facing charges for credit card fraud, you will need experienced credit card attorneys on your side that is dedicated to helping you and is aggressive in its focus on the reduction or elimination of the charges against you.

At DeLuca, Ricciuti & Konieczka, we understand that our clients deserve respect and dignity. Being accused of a crime does not mean a person is guilty, but many accused people do not receive any respect or fair treatment while they are in the federal criminal justice system. We  truly believe in “innocent until proven guilty,” and will use that belief to represent you zealously throughout your legal trials. If you are located in Pittsburgh or anywhere in western Pennsylvania and you have been accused of credit card fraud, we want to hear from you. Credit card fraud charges are a very serious matter, but that does not mean you should give up. With the proper legal defense, you may be able to have your charges reduced or even dropped — and that is worth fighting for.

Credit Card Fraud Charges

The credit card fraud statistics can be shocking. The Federal Trade Commission provides information about how consumers can protect themselves from fraud and also addresses the risks of having credit cards. The number of ways people become victims is surprising, but those who are accused of credit card fraud can also be innocent victims. They may not have done what they are accused of, and that is what our credit card fraud lawyers will work to get to the bottom of, every time.

Anyone can find themselves enmeshed in a credit card fraud investigation. The first thing to do in that case is to take action and make sure you have a good defense attorney to help you right from the beginning. That way, the role you played can be examined, addressed and understood, which can lead to your exoneration from the charges against you or a lesser plea that will have significantly fewer consequences. It is very important that you protect your freedom, future and the health of your finances. Our Pittsburgh credit card fraud attorneys can help you with all of that. We can work with you on charges stemming from:

  • Using a credit card that did not belong to you
  • Falsifying information to receive credit cards
  • Manufacturing credit cards
  • Using some else’s identity to get credit cards

Credit Card Fraud Defense

Our lawyers know that a conviction for credit card fraud can be very damaging, especially if you work in a professional capacity or are well-known in your community or profession. It could mean the end of a career and could make it very difficult to start another one. We know this because we used to work for the other side, and we understand how ruthless prosecutors can be.

Because our attorneys have been on the other side of the courtroom, we also understand how to properly attack the argument the prosecution will make, and that gives us an advantage that many defense attorneys just do not have. Painting you in the best possible light and getting your charges dismissed is the goal. When that is not possible, we will work diligently for a reduction in charges to give you the best outcome possible.
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