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Whether a police officer found a small amount of marijuana on your person during a pat down, saw marijuana sitting out in a car in which you were a passenger or showed up at your house with a warrant to search the premises for drugs, you need legal representation from a Pittsburgh marijuana lawyer. And you need it now. Pennsylvania law enforcement acts aggressively against anyone it believes is violating state or federal drug laws. You must act just as aggressively to protect your rights.

Marijuana Crimes Under Pennsylvania Law

The Pennsylvania Code provides for penalties related to a number of marijuana crimes, including:

    • Delivery
    • Possession with intent to deliver or distribute
    • Possession of marijuana paraphernalia
    • Selling paraphernalia to a minor
    • Marijuana grow house offenses

Many of these charges can appear in state or federal court. It is important, then, to ensure you immediately find skilled Pittsburgh marijuana defense attorneys who will represent you in the form of experienced, focused criminal defense attorneys. You’ll find such attorneys at our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania law firm – DRK Lawyers. We will dedicate our time and resources to building a strong defense to help you avoid any and all consequences associated with your charges.

Consequences of a Marijuana Crime Conviction

The consequences for each crime varies based on how much marijuana was involved in the transaction, whether any minors were involved, and whether this is your first marijuana crime or if you have already been convicted of at least one offense. Common consequences for misdemeanor offenses include:

    • Jail time, often anywhere between 30 days and one year
    • Fines up to $5,000
    • Drug rehabilitation program

Consequences for a felony conviction include:

    • Mandatory minimum prison sentences, ranging from one to 10 years
    • Expensive fines, potentially up to $100,000

Our Pittsburgh marijuana defense lawyers have handled numerous cases like these in the past and can use that experience to help you understand what penalties may arise in your situation. We can also use our knowledge of how local judges and prosecutors act to give you a clear understanding of what you are facing.

Search and Seizure: How Law Enforcement Found the Drugs Matters

In general, law enforcement officials must have a warrant before they can search your person or your property for suspected drugs such as marijuana. The officers must first show probable cause for seeking the warrant. Once they have the warrant, the officers must follow certain procedures in ensuring they perform the search appropriately.

Any single misstep along this process can result in the court completely dismissing the charges against you. As your advocates in this process, we will thoroughly investigate and analyze how the officers found the drugs they are using in your case. It is our goal to do this in an efficient and effective manner so as to help you move beyond your charges.

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