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Sexual offenses are among the most sensitive cases, which means it can be more difficult for people to discuss and truly understand. If you’re facing sex crime charges in Pennsylvania, it’s critical to fully understand the laws so you can present the best possible defense for your case. A defense of not knowing the laws or the age of the other individual involved will not be accepted by the courts.


Perhaps the most common offense under sex crimes is rape. There are several classifications of rape individuals should understand. This type of charge is detailed as forcibly engaging in sexual intercourse with another individual against their will. This includes individuals who are unconscious, impaired by drugs or alcohol or suffering from a mental illness. Rape of a child with or without intent of bodily harm can also occur under this category. Sentences for these crimes typically involve jail time and may also include fines.

Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse

Rape typically refers to genital intercourse, while involuntary deviate sexual intercourse refers to penetration of the anus or mouth. Because the act is similar to rape, it often carries similar consequences when charged. Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child will carry heavier penalties, based on the age of the child involved.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a charge many people misunderstand often, making it essential to learn more about it, especially if you are facing these charges. In general terms, sexual assault refers to any sexual act to which the victim does not consent. The state of Pennsylvania has statutes that relate directly to the location at which the acts take place, such as school, mental institutions, child care facilities, sports facilities and more.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure applies to individuals who expose their genitals to unsuspecting victims in any location. If there are individuals under the age of 16 present, these charge can be even more severe, resulting in more jail time and higher fines. In most cases, indecent exposure carries lesser sentences than many other sexual crimes.

Sexual Intercourse with an Animal

Individuals who engage in sexual intercourse with an animal may be charged as a result of their actions. These charges typically classify as a misdemeanor of the second degree.

Unlawful Dissemination of an Intimate Image

Sometimes individuals wish to harass, annoy or alarm a previous intimate partner and commit the act of dissemination of an intimate image. Unless the individual has the consent of the person pictured, this is considered an illegal act, which is punishable by fines or jail time as the judge deems suitable.

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are many crimes that are sexual in nature. Some of these crimes can be difficult to understand and individuals may participate unknowingly. This is why it’s important to work with the experienced attorneys at DeLuca, Ricciuti & Konieczka who have handled cases similar to yours. We will give you the representation you need to fight against the charges so you can avoid a criminal record. Even if we can’t clear your charges, our experienced attorney can help you get the minimum sentence. Contact our offices today for a free legal consultation.

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