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Criminal Defense in Pittsburgh

At DRK Attorneys, our legal team brings more than 45 years of combined legal experience to fighting for the rights of the accused in Pennsylvania. Even more, our team is uniquely built out of former prosecutors who each believed in bringing strong, effective representation to individuals facing criminal charges. This experience and passion drives us to seek success for our clients each and every day.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense

As former prosecutors, we have seen most every type of criminal case possible, ranging from domestic violence and robbery to embezzlement and felony narcotics cases in Pennsylvania. Reach out to us if you want compassionate, aggressive, experienced criminal defense against your charge involving:

  • DUI: We represent individuals in Pennsylvania facing first offense DUIs or multiple offense DUIs. We do all we can to limit consequences in these cases, including pursuing first-time offenders programs.
  • Drug crimes: We handle state and federal drug charges, including charges involving possession or distribution of marijuana, heroin or cocaine, prescription drug offenses, or manufacturing or distribution.
  • Retail theft: Shoplifting is a crime that, if convicted, will follow you through your life, as theft crimes affect your ability to get jobs, housing and more. Work with our team to limit or completely avoid these consequences.
  • Mortgage fraud: From falsifying loan documents to inflating property appraisals, we defend clients facing all forms of mortgage fraud in Pennsylvania. We know the government acts quickly to prosecute these cases, so we will get to work immediately to protect your rights and clear your name.
  • Tax evasion: Tax fraud and tax evasion charges are incredibly serious in Pennsylvania. You must act swiftly to ensure you have an advocate by your side as the government begins its search into your financial records. We know what the prosecution can and can’t do in these cases, and will ensure your interests are represented at all times.
  • Homicide: Murder cases require seasoned trial attorneys who are not afraid to fight as long or as hard as necessary. Our experience as prosecutors allows us to fight the state’s tactics and find holes in its arguments.
  • Vehicular manslaughter: Homicide by vehicle, or vehicular manslaughter, is a felony crime. A felony conviction will lead to time in prison and long-term consequences. Protect your rights and your future with our help.
  • Involuntary manslaughter: This form of manslaughter can be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the age of the person who died. Let us fight hard to get these charges dismissed or, in the least, diminished so you can make the most of your future.
  • White collar crimes: From embezzlement to identity theft and forgery, we represent clients who have been charged with all varieties of white collar crimes. Our trial preparation skills along with our understanding of the special nuances involved in these cases may give you the leg up you need to beat these charges.
  • Federal fraud: Our work in Pennsylvania as former prosecutors gives us the unique background required to fully understand the severity of the federal fraud crimes against you. We can put our experience to work in attacking your charges and undermining the prosecution’s case. These tactics can help to limit the consequences you may be facing.
  • Juvenile cases: It is unfortunate that many young individuals face a lifetime of consequences due to poor legal representation. At DRK Attorneys, we strive hard to find alternatives to the criminal court system to help members of the younger generation get the right help they need to set in place a strong future.
  • Firearm crimes: Pennsylvania prosecutors are tough on gun charges, including those involving carrying a firearm without a permit and carrying a concealed weapon. You want to ensure you have a defense team by your side that will be just as tough in protecting your rights now and well into the future. You’ll find such a team at our Pittsburgh law firm.

Dedicated Defense for Clients With Mental Health Concerns

Individuals with mental health issues who face criminal charges have much to lose without the right representation in place. At DRK Attorneys, we take special care to ensure we follow the right paths for these clients. This path must include a strong defense strategy. We can provide this, as we know which options are available and what to expect in court. What’s more, attorney Anthony DeLuca ran the Allegheny County Mental Health Court while he was a prosecutor. This hands-on experience brings invaluable insight into how to best represent clients with mental health concerns in the criminal justice system.

The right path must also include proper care and support to ensure that our clients get the help they need to improve their lives. We work with our clients and their support network to identify and pursue the appropriate resources to give our clients the best representation and advocacy possible.

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We offer free initial consultations to all new clients at our Pittsburgh office. We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible, whether that is prior to charges being set against you or after you have received notice of those charges. The sooner you begin to protect your rights and prepare your defense, the greater chance you have at achieving a successful result. Learn more by calling us at855-976-2198 or by sending our criminal defense lawyers an email.